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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

And God Said, "Let There Be...."

And there was light. But darkness, too.

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Remarkable bit of news in science when sperm meets ovum, and life begins, zinc radiates out in a "breathtaking" burst of light!

When.  Life.  Begins.

(The knowledge, alas, will almost certainly be used to grade the lives deliberated created to be ranked, and to off those of our brothers and sisters who shine less brightly.)
The discovery could help fertility doctors decide the best fertilised eggs to transfer during in vitro fertilisation.
Well, no, not "off them" outright, just consign them to the attic* as we used to do with other children who didn't make the grade, at least in horror films and gothic novels.
You know.
Cripples. Idiots. Bastards. Monsters.
Fine old custom, with a long pedigree.....
Oh, they were so cruel in the olden days! How could parents do that? Why didn't they just kill him before they had to look at him, like we do nowadays?
(*Nowadays our more advanced civilization uses refrigerator tanks.)
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