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Thursday, 20 September 2007

OT 24

Prelude: O Sacrum Convivium (Remondi)
Our Father We Have Wandered (PASSION CHORALE)
Improv on SLANE (except at anticipated Mass, improv on STABAT MATER)
Entrance: King of Love (ST COLUMBA)
Kyrie: Danish with invocations chanted recto tono
Gloria: Lee
Psalm 51, I will rise and go to my Father, Ostrowski
Gosp Acc Danish
Offertory: How Good It Is (LAND O' REST)
Sanc., An, and Am. - Danish Amen
Agnus Dei - Danish
Communion - Jesus Christ Bread of Life, Taize/Batastini eked out with Gregorian Ave Verum
Choral Mass - N ow the Silence, Schalk/Vajda
Closing: For the Beauty of the Earth (DIX)
Postlude: Let Your Light So Shine

Many choral repeats from the previous week, as we were singing at a different Mass .
The response from the Chabanel Psalter drew marvelous response, very high level of participation even at the normally... diffident? contemplative? 7:00 am crowd. (There are the people who, exhorted to greater participation and they asked by a liturgist why they wouldn't sing snarled, "Maybe we would if you'd stop asking us to sing the theme song from Bonanza..."
I will definitely continue to work the Chabanel psalms into the mix, they are a great gift to the Church.
Super turn-out from the choir, I had to cadge a few extra missallettes from downstairs.

It was, however, as if I were trying an entirely new system for EVERYTHING, even veterans were trying to take music from the console, asking for extra copies of the psalm, getting lost because the gospel acclamation was on the back of the Kyrie, sing men's part if they were women and vice versa, and FACING THE BACK OF THE LOFT.
(What is with that?)

I am trying to figure out an utterly no-nonsense way of phrasing "The Rules" for them to have, open to no mis-interpretation or misunderstanding what-so-ever, written out, that will not be too harsh.
(Yeah, I am living in a dream world.)

Oh, and one cantor just didn't show.
He's a teenager, and a really good kid, lovely voice, and I'm trying to be super patient and bring him along, don't want to lose him, but the situation is grinding me down.


Anonymous said...

I have similar problems. My choir has NO clue as to basic choir discipline. Last rehearsal I got into a long argument with a chorister as to why she couldn't use a music stand! Thankfully no one's faced the back of the loft yet!


Scelata said...

If we had room for stands I think I'd stretch the budget to buy enough and then NAIL them in place, and GLUE their music to it.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)