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Saturday, 15 September 2007

And now, a word from our sponsors... have guilty secrets? need to unburden yourself?

Seriously, this is an ad, although it is a public service announcement. (No money changed hands... Ha!)

The confessional in the northwest corner of St John Cantius was, yet again, last night the scene of the most beautiful administration of the Sacrament of Confession...
(I t hasn't always been the same priest, so I've decided to pretend to myself that the confessional has some particular Grace attached to it :oP)
However I am fairly certain I have been to this priest before, he sounds all of twelve years old, and Looks (if it is the Canon Regular I suspect,) a whopping 16 years old.
And he just gives the most marvelous spiritual direction.
I feel truly blessed.

Anyway, if you are in the market for a good Reconciliation, hie thee to St John Cantius in Chicago, northeast corner (although I have also had wonderful confessions in the "booth" in the middle of the north wall. i don't know why, we never sit on the south side of the nave...)

Mind you, our guys are terrific confessors, truly gifted, but Saturday afternoons I am scrambling to get ready for the anticipated mass.
And I must be honest, I don't DO, or even say/write things needing confession so much as think them, and the idea of making sacramental confession about harboring anger when you're furious with colleagues becomes a bit touchy when your employers are your confessor... anyone else ever have that problem?)

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Ma Beck said...

Does this sound familiar?

"Veerrrrrrrrry good trust in the Lord..."


That was Father Brendan.
He is an awesome human being.