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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Blessed? even venerable?

I find myself wondering, cults grow up so quickly and unthinkingly around Catholic public figures, (anyone remember the silly talk of eventual canonization for Grace De Monaco at her death, until someone remembered that she was notorious for her unchaste ways as a starlet?,) if anyone has ever promoted Guy Fawkes' cause?
After all, there have been warrior saints, is a terrorist saint such a stretch?
I mean, all in a good cause, etc.


Charles said...

Re. "Fawkes"- The Wachawski (sp?) Brothers (Matrix fame) had a go with their film "V."

Scelata said...

Yes, I saw it.
I wondered at the time how using Fawkes as an icon for an heroic characters sat with the British.
(I noticed how many of the leading actors, production team and creative team were colonials....)
I'd always liked Hugo Weaving's voice, (since Priscilla,) thought the producers were very clever in casting him, albeit belatedly, (as were the producer's of Babe, I supposed.)

Save the Liturgy, Save the World

Charles said...

Yes, the spawn of Priscilla was interesting to behold, what with Stamp's foray into La Cage, and Weaving and Guy Pearce awash in testosterone laden roles in Matrix, LA Confidential, Lord o Rings, etc.
Scelata, were you at 2007 Colloquium at DC?

Scelata said...

No, major doings at our parish that week, and major lack of funds.
2008 was my first, of what I hope are many, years of attendance.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)