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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Meeting Tonight

I actually have a tiny sliver of enthusiasm for the LitCom Meeting tonight, and am making copies of various words fromm and about the Holy Father and his vision to pass out.
This, from Sandro Magister's intro to the volume of homilies is a gem:

[Benedict] has identified his mission as... being the celebrant of a "cosmic liturgy." Because "when the world in all its parts has become a liturgy of God, when, in its reality, it has become adoration, then it will have reached its goal and will be safe and sound."
.... But Pope Ratzinger has this unshakable certainty: when he celebrates the Mass, he knows that the entire action of God is contained in it, woven together with the ultimate destiny of man and of the world. For him, the Mass is not a mere rite officiated by the Church. It is the Church itself, with the triune God dwelling within it. It is the image and reality of the entirety of the Christian adventure. The educated pagans of the early centuries were not mistaken when they identified Christianity by describing its act of worship. Because this was also the faith of those first believers. "Sine dominico non possumus," without the Sunday Eucharist we cannot live, the martyrs of Abitina replied to Emperor Diocletian when he banned them from celebrating it.

Because what we do matters.... which sometimes, in my discouragement I forget.

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