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Sunday, 30 November 2008

I stand corrected....

I was all set to ask rhetorically, if UPI wasn't....? , or rather, to declare dramatically with whatever emoticon signifies aggrievement, , "I thought UPI was a reputable news organization!"
Well, the tiniest bit of research, and I find that UPI has fallen far since I was neglecting to complete my 5th grade Current Event assignments, (yes, children, in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and most American households subscribed to a newspaper -- and I didn't get most of my news from the Colbert report.)
What began all this confusion was scrolling by on my google newsfeed, or whatever it's called, a HUH??!?#?$?%? story from UPI.com (100 YEARS OF JOURNALISTIC EXCELLENCE,) reporting that the "Vatican" had warned priests not to assume that everyone was heterosexual, and given instructions on how to be more welcoming to gays.
It turns out that Rev Moon's news agency mistook the pamphlet from the Marriage and Family Life Project Office, of the Bishops of England and Wales (a group so dizzy they couldn't face in the right direction during Mass if they tried....) for an official pronouncement of the Vatican, ( a place which is in a slightly different geographical area than Eccleston Square. And, praise the Lord, is presided over a shepherd with a mite more common sense than English Catholics have the good fortune, or otherwise, to have in authority over them)

Fr Ray Blake has the goods, (or the bads, as it were...)

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