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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Details, details...

Is this really what the Charismatic movement is about?
I am the sort to fail to notice the overall point of what I read and be fascinated, or nagged at, by an (often) irrelevant detail.
Nice piece about a talk given by Francis Beckwith, the one-time Evangelical theologian and his return to the Church.
So, putting aside the fact that I'm in a forest, I ask about this tree: "The Charismatic Movement . . . holds above all that God works miracles in everyday life."

That's the gist of it? Is that the way you would put it? I would have thought it was in some ways quite the opposite, that the Holy Spirit is active and the gifts for the Holy Spirit are available now and always, in "non-miraculous" ways.
But of course, life is itself a miracle.
So we could say, that we hold above all that everyday life is one of the miracles God works.

Or something.
I should think about this later.
Too much blood in my caffeine system.

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