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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sometimes we're just luckier than we deserve...

I was working at the computer when Himself rushed in and said he'd heard on the news that "the smoke is white!"
We turned on the TV and the cameras were trained on those red curtains on the balcony overlooking St Peter's Square.
They fluttered slightly in the wind and I saw, or though I saw a great shock of snowy white hair. "It's Ratzinger!" I yelled, "it's Ratzinger!"
"Who's that?" asked Himself, "why are you acting like that?"
(I was dancing around the room and whooping.)
Then Cardinal Medina Estevèz began the announcement and got as far as "Joseph...." and I let out such a triumphant shriek that I didn't hear the rest and Himself thought about taking cover behind the sofa.
It was a great day, and he, and He have given us many more since.
God bless Pope Benedict the Wise!

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