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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Does the Church Encouraging Illegal Immigration?

I am proud of the work my Parishfamilyfaithcommunity, (Pffc, for short,) does for the poor, the down-trodden, the disenfranchised, the far-from-home, the alien, the outcast.

This blogger, I don't know that he feels that way about things.

"My wife and I have already been denounced as racists, troublemakers, malcontents, etc— the usual litany of charges—when we speak out about this and other matters concerning our parish's preferential treatment of" the largest recent immigrant group at his parish.

Now, even if all that is true, (the accusations, I'm not questioning the veracity of his claim that the accusations have been made, and judging from the rest of the site, he may very well be,) he does seem to have a point. (Being a racist doesn't preclude your being right, after all.)

I can seeing someones wanting the Church, not to stop helping people who need help, but to acknowledge that in some cases, these people who need our help have done something illegal.
I don't think just demands sweeping that under the rug, in fact, justice demands otherwise.

(And the complaint that one group of people has a 6 week waiting period, and other a 6 month for marriage?.... well that's obviously wrong. Not the complaint, the double-standard. And it is insulting to those who, one might think, "have it easier.")

Am I only inclined to be less charitable right now because I am furious at doing all the heavy lifting for all the "linked parish" activities and liturgies? and having to lower musical and liturgical standards because of it? and being given marching orders by someone who doesn't have to do any of it, and doesn't know what organizing that many singers, on that much music takes? into the mandated musical buffet, something for everyone, (except"me" of course... the quotes because the Propers are not "my" idea, a Gregorian ordinary as a beautiful but ethnically and generationally neutral means of accommodating the diversity isn't something "I" came up with, the last time there was an Instruction or Encyclical issued by "me." But that is the way it is characterized in discussions w/ TPTB.)

Is bridling that excellence cannot even be pursued, and gritting my teeth at, not mediocrity, but Trashtacularity, (albeit "accommodating" Trashtacularity,) just a manifestation of pride, and would the Little Flower smile and advise me to do my very best as I make a musical offering to the Ineffable Almighty of... cheez?

Among other problems, this arrangement threatens to deprive us of the presence of some of the better musicians and singers, who only came back when I arrived on the scene, because the kibosh on some of the worst of the "favorites", the soupiest Baptist ballades, the most overwrought Edwardian anthems, the most dated easy-listening Manilow-Mass repertoire.

Whew.... how'd I get on that?

If someone stumbles across it will I be threatened with termination again?

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