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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Wonderful Analogy!

Marvelous analogy, (mine are usually so cock-eyed....,) courtesy of That the Bones You Have Crushed..., originally by the (hitherto unknown to me,) Fr Frederick Heuser, regarding administering Communion in the hand:
Imagine a bishop handing a container of Holy Chrism to a confirmation candidate so that he can anoint himself? Or someone baptising themselves? That is what is happening when people take Communion in the hand. They are not allowing the minister to administer.

They are self-administering. This refusal to allow oneself to receive a Sacrament communicated from another human minister attacks a fundamental truth of Catholicism, i.e. salvation comes to us through the ministry of a flesh-and-blood, identifiable, human organization known as the Church.

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