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Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Holy Spirit, Charity (or my want thereof,) and Sartorial Decisions

So I'm sitting through the third iteration of a homily, and looking at my shoes, or rather, my boots.
And I'm thinking, why am I wearing these?
Yeah, not much organ today and all very simple pedal work, but the snow they were predicting hadn't arrived, (if it had, I would have worn the boots and then removed them before messing up the area around the console, much less the pedal board itself! I'm a dolt, not a philistine!)

So why am I wearing them?

And it's hardly as if my ensemble, (no, not my music group, my garb,) demanded I be so shod to give the proper effect of insouciant... dash.

And they're not all that comfortable.

So why am I wearing them?

And during the Gluck, I really want to just take off my shoe and hurl it with all my strength at the head of one of the tenors. Which of course, I can't, because they are boots and they don't come off that quickly.

So I don't.

So that's why I'm wearing the boots.

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