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Monday, 14 September 2009


Okay, it's not my country, and I don't know the writer, and I'm not certain I disagree with him, separation of C & S and all that in this country, BUT.....

In an otherwise just-the-facts-m'am bit of reportage does saying that schoolchildren are "bombarded" with Catholicism not strike you as... I dunno, a tudge subjective? editorializing? partisan?

I'm only interested in Malta for their graphics :oP

No, seriously, I don't have a dog in that fight, but reading that reminded me unpleasantly of my current efforts to stay informed anent finances, health care, education, government, Church politics, heck, nutrition, you name it -- it is becoming nigh unto impossible.
Teasing out primary sources, (oh, you mean so-and-so didn't actually say that? you are paraphrasing a description by an opponent? well what did he REALLY say?) ) and then wading through them sometimes -- where are the digests and extracts in which you can put faith?

It seems to me, in this country, ever more difficult to find trusty objective reporting on anything, everyone has an ax to grind (understandable,) and nobody has any qualms about letting their personal bias influence what is meant to be journalism.

I try to access various sources, including, perhaps especially, those who might be suspected to have a different perspective than my own, but it is becoming time consuming.

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