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Monday, 14 September 2009

"I felt really guilty because it was my mom’s kidney and I broke it..."

A case where a government-run program is penny-wise and pound-ARE YOU INSANE?!?#?$??^?&?*?!!????

Oh, excuse me, got carried away there.
But seriously, commonsense much?

Ya got kidney disease?
Oh, sure, we'll pay 71,000.oo a year for you to have dialysis, and when that no longer does the trick, here's upward of 100,00.oo for a transplant -- but two or three thousand a month for anti-rejection drugs?
Whadya think, we're MADE of money?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

It sounds like a fairly typical case of someone with no knowledge whatever of a field, of THE WAY THINGS WORK, having charge of decisions in that field.
Not that that's a hobby horse of mine, priestsandmusicians...

We need health care reform in this country, but why must we assume ill will on the part of those who disagree on the direction in which we must go to achieve it?

Let's just assume ignorance, she said cattily.

And meanwhile, I hope Ms. Whitaker's kidney takes.
So far as I know, AC's is doing fine.

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