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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Interspecies Warfare

What is with the squirrels?
What is with them this year?
I hate squirrels.
Why are they ignoring my yellow peppers, (off of which I could not keep them last summer,) and molesting my tender little flowering plum babies? (which they can't even eat, squirrels in a manger!)
And when did they stop being frightened of us?!??!#??&?
They refuse to yield until I am within actual swatting distance, and I swear, when my arms are full and they realize thet are in no actual danger of swatting, they stand their ground and mock me.

And why do they go through my compost bucket, (to which they are welcome, generally, knock gyourselves out on banana skins, boys,) only to scatter teabags across my porch?
Does this reveal heretofore hidden political leanings?
And leave my grape tomatoes alone, you!

Brazen, furry little rats...

I hate squirrels.


Dad29 said...

Someday you'll realize that God made .22 rifles for a reason!

Scelata said...