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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

O the times, o the mores

I wonder if it is in this country?
A court in Barcelona says insulting your boss with one particularly foul obscenity is not grounds for dismissal, insisting the slight is common in arguments in Spain and not that big a deal.

The zinger in question translates as "son of a b----," and was used by a worker against his boss during a January 2008 money dispute in the northeastern city of Gerona. The worker, who also called his boss "crazy," was promptly fired.

The man lost a first court challenge, but won on appeal with the Superior Court of Justice of ....

"Without a doubt, both expressions are insulting," Judge Sara Maria Pose Vidal said ...

She also wrote that the "son of a b----" remark should be viewed in linguistic context.

"The social degradation of language has caused the expressions used by the plaintiff to become commonly used in certain settings, especially in arguments," Pose Vidal wrote, calling his dismissal a disproportionate punishment.

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