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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wedding Policies

Courtesy of the wonderful M J Ballou, get a gander at this remarkably detailed, diocese-wide wedding policy from Lansing.

How'd ya like to know that THAT O of W had your back, next time you next time you came up against a Momzilla asking for "Child of Mine," or a B & G that fell in love to the strains of John Williams' Imperial March?

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Chironomo said...

Apparently though, that O of W didn't update their booklet when "Liturgical Music Today" and "Music in Catholic Worship" were abrogated. Also, even though the sentiments are good the music selections are still very commercial, a bit of a blunder for a document that decries the Unity Candle for being too commercial.

Our Diocesan Policy is brief, but very explicitly states that popular music selections are expressly prohibited from use in the liturgy. That is enough to replace pages of suggestions that try to nudge wedding planners to "do the right thing". Just tell them what they can't do, in the very broadest terms.