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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Anticipated (by quite a few hours, well before sunset,) Sunday Celebration in the Absence of a Priest on a Major Sunday Which Also Happens to Have a Vigil

We do a Communion service at a nursing home.
A large portion of the attendees have Alzheimers'.
A large portion are non-catholic Christians.
Another large portion are Catholics who remember some events and patterns in their remote pasts better than they do those that have occurred in the past few years.

I wonder if we should use the readings and collects for the Vigil  of Pentecost.
That isn't up to me, I shall be prepared for either.

I would like to sing the Sequence, but I don't know if that will happen.

I hope I can persuade TPTB to let us sing "Come Holy Ghost."
One resident plays piano for the service, and is a Catholic who says he has played at Catholic churches his whole life, but didn't know "Holy God We Praise Thy Name" when we introduced that to the ritual.

It's not good to change too much from week to week, I understand that, and don't argue with it, but we did sing a carol at Christmas instead of the evangelical P & W ditty that is our usual opening...

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