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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Making the Light Shine Brighter

The Dominicans of Summit New Jersey need your help -- not, in the way of many communities because things are not going well, or they are dying off -- it is because they are THRIVING.

(If they were to start making Apple Butter again, as the did when I was a child, my purchases alone would probably cover their entire capital campaign...;oD)

(Seriously, you've never tasted anything like it.)

If you have the slightest scintilla of interest in sacred music you should own the Summit Choirbook, although it is now, sadly, sold out.
Will there be a reprint, I wonder?

Meanwhile, enroll yourself and loved ones in their Perpetual Rosary Association

Interesting side note, many years their prioress is Sr Mary Martin.

(No, not that one, but I couldn't resist.)

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