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Monday, 14 July 2014

"Why, yes, I DO possess a priceless and vital treasure that you lack, but no, I wouldn't be so gauche as to call attention to you relative poverty by trying to share with you....."

In all seriousness, and in all charity, I can put no other construction on this, if true.
Help me out here!
An evangelical theologian called Brian Stiller, after a meeting with Pope Francis said that, 
[ the Pope claims to be] not interested in converting evangelicals to Catholicism. He wished that people find Jesus in their own community.

Of course, I gotta remember, like the second husband of the civilly married woman who claimed on TwitFace, or wherever, that  Francis had said there was no reason at all for the woman not to take communion, or like the atheist "journalist" who doesn't take notes or record what he publishes as "interviews," or like Cdl Kaspar claiming that the Pope believes half of all Catholic are invalidly married -- what we have here is someone expounding on what the Pope said to him or her in a private conversation that we have no way at all of verifying, and no one in the Vatican is giving us much help here.

Of course we also have a Pope who doesn't parse his words with much care, I mean really, why should he, it's not as if people listen to him, or anything -- what was Eye of the Tiber's headline?

Man Whose Every Word Is Misrepresented Thinks 12,000 Word Interview A Good Idea 
VATICAN––It was reported earlier this week that an outgoing Argentinian born man, whose every single word is misconstrued and misrepresented by friends in the media, has for some reason, resolved to give them an additional 12,000 more words to have fun with. “If you think about it, what’s the worst that could happen?” said the man as he neglected to write down even just a handful of key statements that he could use during the interview so as to avoid the chance that someone misunderstand what he trying to say.

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