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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Of Lincoln and Lesbians and Lopping Off Body Parts, or, What is the going price for a breast, do you think?

I admit I haven't read this in detail, or checked out its veracity,  but it seems to me, the gist of the story is that there's a woman who got her fifteen minutes of TV fame by kind of waffling about her "gender identity," (as opposed to her "gender," which is, like, different,you know, because it's like, a real thing?) and who is, according to an actual lesbian,  too pretty to be a lesbian, (this is not me saying this, I'm paraphrasing her partner, "When the camera panned over to her, my initial response was, 'Oh, my God. That woman's beautiful', I would have never thought she was a lesbian if I saw her walking the streets.")

Anyway, they wanted to get "married" before it was legal, but they wanted to make sure they'd get each others pensions, and social security, so, to make that possible -- one of them had her breasts removed.

I am not making this up.

Although it doesn't s say anything in the article to the effect that she had previously thought of herself as a man, she decided she would counterfeit it.
"I started looking into transgender. In the eyes of the courts, if I were to have my gender changed to male, just like that, she gets my Social Security, she gets my pension,"...

So, [she] elected to have a double mastectomy. In April 2013, he [sic] officially changed his [sic] sex to "male" on his [sic] birth certificate. He [sic] and [the other woman] soon married and just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary last month.

"How many legs does a sheep have, if we call the tail a leg?"

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