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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"Some have said...."

I believe I recall that "some have said," is considered the weaselyist of weasel words, the easy way to say what you want said without taking responsibility for your saying it.

The most read (to my knowledge,) presbyteral blogger,  with the use of selective boldening, emboldens his readers to believe, (because you couldn't put it on the interwebs if it weren't true,) that a qurater o all illegal aliens in the current surge have criminal records, by giving the impression that the Lt. Gov of Texas said that a quarter of all the illegal aliens flooding his states border are criminals, because the headline on Breitbart, IN SO MANY WORDS, says, "Dewhurst: One-Fourth of Illegals Apprehended at Border Have Criminal Records", despite the post itself actually reporting that what the state official quoted said was only, "We've seen estimates that at least a quarter of those apprehended have criminal records."

Got that?

We've. Seen. Estimates.

So, plenty of weaseling all around.

Heck, I could say anything, and then you could report that I'd said it as if it were, I dunno... some kind of news? Instead of presenting actual news, which would require actual, you know... facts.

Some have said....
francis urquhart has an eye on you -  ... but I couldn't possibly.

Personally, I think the Cavuto is the most weaselicious bit of phraseology, asking a question so you can put something out there as a fact.

As in,

What are ya gonna say to that other than "yes...."?

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