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Saturday, 23 August 2014

"I am the one who spices!"

Perhaps when my eyes are swollen and, for want of a better word... sticky?...  is not the best time to be grinding up chiles and making hot sauce.
But the peppers won't keep forever, (and won't be available long,) and sometimes you need to bring a little heat.
And wouldn't you know, hot sauce is one of those things made with corn "vinegar," (a contradiction in terms according to an etymologically fastidious friend, since corn grows on stalks not vines,) which I must therefore eschew except on rare occasions.
Anyway, the Interwebs, arbiter of all truths, tells me that Hot Sauce is easy and fun to make, and delicious proportionate to the individuality one brings to it, and I made such magnificent mayonnaise, (I am not kidding, it was sensational!) I decided to give it a whirl, (literally, thank you, Food Processor, I think I'd miss you most of all.)
One site suggested even normal people ought to go "full-on Walter White," with the protective gear, so I suppose Exemplar of Eczema as I am, I should have been careful.
But was I?
No, not really.
I am not in danger,  I am the danger. A guy eats some hot sauce and burns his mouth and makes his eyes water and you think that of me?
I am the one who made the hot sauce!


So we'll see - it smells fantastic, but I think it should age a bit? (And I think I'll sneak in a little agave)

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