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Thursday, 28 August 2014

I Love Jeff Ostrowski, don't get me wrong....

... but sometimes I am dismayed by his hyperbole.
Like those in the pro-life moment who don't get the facts quite right in regard to what successes scientists have found by destroying unborn babies so that their parts can be sold for scrap referenced below, we in the... what Reform of the Reform movement? ....need to be charitable and not exaggerate the missteps of those who are not on the same page as we.

So I take his essays with a grain of salt.

I owe him an apology.

I read his initial post on "My Little Pony," but didn't really pay much attention. I know nothing of the MLP theme, (although full disclosure, I have played with the dolls - nieces and baby-sitting charges,) and the ordinary setting he was lighting into was not something I had encountered or thought myself likely to encounter.

Silly me.

Whilst on the road, found myself in one parish at Mass and turned to Himself, speechless - he had the same "Springtime for Hitler" expression on his visage that I'm certain mine wore.

We bent our eyes toward our missals and clenched our teeth. I paged through the music books to see if I could identify it.

After Mass, as soon as the car doors were closed, (no sense in upsetting or insulting the parishioners,) we both shrieked - "That is the worst music I have ever heard in Church!!!!!"

Well, a second blog post at CCWatershed on the same subject confirmed that that liturgical horror was the very piece of which Jeff had been speaking.

All I can say is, Jeff Ostrowski was too kind, too diplomatic, too lenient in his critique.

Oh,  and the parish musicians were decent, some very fine playing by the organist, who managed to make a different piece of sacro/sacchro-pop drek sound dignified, so I'm not blamin' them for this -- this is all on the composer of the Mass of Christ the Savior.

Mea culpa, Jeff! Forgive me for doubting you!

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