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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Pretty, Pretty....

 or should that be "weepy, weepy"?

Really, my memory...

It never occurred to me until I was drifting off to sleep last night that there was a logical explanation for my emotions being so unwontedly close to the surface as I  read yesterday - trying a new steroid, and one that in the past has made a member of my family flat-out bat-guano crazy.

My typical excema face is this:

Last time I had a really debilitating flare-up it was this:

This most recent episode?

 Travel, heck,. going out for a bite to eat carries a risk - what caused the latest?

Who knows... a hidden, or at least unsuspected ingredient in a meal or snack? (the remarkable diner cake I tried anyway, making the whole thing my fault?) the detergent with which some other family member or hotel laundered sheets? the softener? the food industry switching over to a corn-based source for a hitherto safe food? (I'm looking at you, cider vinegar.) Whatever was in bloom near the NY cottage? the mold in the NJ cabin? ('cause the outhouse wasn't disincentive enough...) a European ale which has moved production over to a North American brewery? borrowed shampoo?

Maybe the dread demon Febreze...

Ah well, all's well now.

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