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Friday, 22 August 2014

Ratzinger Schülerkreis

It is the time of year when the students of our beloved Pontiff Emeritus ,gather to discuss the theology of one of the greatest teachers the Church has ever known.

This year the subject will be the Theology of the Cross.

(I was part of an endeavour once  that concentrated on the Cup, the Covenant and the Cross. "We are Covenant People" was an okay title for one session, but some editor should have caught the program that announced in Felix Titling Bold, "We are Cross People.") (Although some of us surely were, if for no other reason that the presence of certain parish fixtures on the committee and the resulting stultifying boredom to which we were subjected at meetings. I digress.)

Most recently new members were admitted into the group. They had never attended a class of Joseph Ratzinger, but just like thousands, they've studied his work and have been intrigued, moved and challenged by it.  

Any way, I would be the furthest thing from cross to be able to sit at the feet of those who sat at the feet of a man who I believe sits at the feet of Christ.

Future Doctor of the Church with an also fairly smart albeit spiritually myopic guy -

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