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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

"CBS Evening News" Getting Gorier?

I know "if it bleeds, it leads" obtains in most news broadcasts, but it seems lately that CBS, (the one we tend to watch in the evenings,) has made some conscious decision to show more graphic footage and photos in the last few days.

The sheer amount of blood, the pictures of the dead in the Jerusalem cleaver attacks was shocking, and last night the photo of Emmet Till's body was really horrifying, sickening. I had long known about his Mother's brave decision to have an open coffin and  show the world what had been done to her child, but I didn't need to see it.

I think I have heard warnings n the past before some disturbing video or picture appears, but if there was one last night, I missed it.

Anyone else noticed new editorial effort?
(Of course, only people of a certain age watch television news...)

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