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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Archbishop Cupich's Installation Mass

The program for the liturgies for the new Bishop of Chicago was made available on the archdiocesan website, but I just got around to watching the dvr..
Shame about the insane cold.
I suppose it is inevitable that these "big" Masses have the flavor, liturgically and musically speaking, of a parish potluck, wherein one is thrilled that Mrs. S concocts, (and will always bring,) a world class pineapple upside-down cake, pleased that decent pieroghi will abound and good swedish meatballs will probably make an appearance courtesy of Mr. K, and shuddering in anticipation of that bizarre gelatin salad the F. family always brings.

In that light, the Windy City Mass did not disappoint.

But let's hear it for that magnificent, and  laudably diffident cantatrix with a voice as glorious as her hair!

(A note, I am in no way impugning the delectibility, dare I say, the charms? of good jello salad.... I may even try to create on for Thanksgiving. Do you suppose the other family members will think i am being ironic?)

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