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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hate Speech in the Guise of Government Sponsored "Art"?

El Museo Reina Sofía propone quemar iglesias 

I don't reference, or even read "The Eponymous Flower" often,  because I don't read other languages well enough to understand and give creedence to their sources.

This seems pretty clear, though.

Once upon a time I would have considered reports of such blasphemy patently absurd, obvious fictions.
No more, alas.

Can one imagine an "art exhibit" presenting matchboxes emblazoned with something like, "The only way an abortionist's could make the world a brighter place is if we burn it to the ground"?

It would be hate speech, wouldn't it?

How about substituting "mosque" or "synagogue" for "church",  would the curators and museum-goers at the Queen Sofia Museum countenance that, do you think?

Of course, the whole thing could be old Varg, pranking us for Halloween...

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