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Saturday, 29 November 2014

"It's ...

... beyond my control."
                           - Valmont
I must tell him ...that many people ... will be very angry too — so filled with pain, sadness and rage — that they may react by doing things they shouldn’t, like setting fires or breaking windows or starting fights.
I know I must explain this violence, but not condone it. I must help him see that adults often have trouble managing their pain just like he does. Doesn’t he sometimes lash out and yell at friends or family when he’s hurt or angry? When people have been hurt over and over, and rather than compassion or understanding you’re given lectures about how it’s really all your fault, and that no one needs to make amends, you can lose your mind. 

Insanity? Really? "Lose your mind" is the phrase you want to use?
So, some attacks on innocent people are explicable, and not really the fault of the attackers because they had been told before that something else was their fault?
And then if the victims of those attacks become filled with pain, sadness and rage, they may react by doing things they shouldn't, I guess....
And then if their victims..... well, you get my drift.
How 'bout the other direction?
How far back do you go until you get to someone who is responsible for his own actions?


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