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Friday, 13 February 2015

Beck Should Be Proud

While it's true that I have a somewhat embarrassing interest in fashion, (though i suppose my interest isn't as embarrassing as my appearance, so that's something,) part of that is as a service I perform for Himself.
Himself is proudly ignorant of any pop culture after Al Jolson, or someone, but he kinda depends on me to try to tease out the meaning of one liners on modern sitcoms, to be able to make a decent stab at guessing to what the pop reference... refer.
Its important that we feel more with-it and connected to RL than, say.... I dunno.
Barbara Walters?
So, you know, I know the names of some actors, I recognize some recent hit songs, I try to stay, not abreast, but maybe only a half mile or so behind slang.

I didn't watch the Grammies... Grammys? I know singular ends in "y", not sure about the plural.
But almost unavoidably, as for anyone with television or internet, I did hear the next day about someone the president has previously called out in public as a "jackass" diving deeper into the gene pool of the genus asinus, by repeating himself in a gauche stunt of interrupting a winner's thank you speech to let the world know that he voted, or would have voted? don't know how the Gramm[?]s work,) differently.

I wouldn't have known who Beck was had I not spent several weeks trying to stop my six-year-old niece walking around crooning to herself, "I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me...."

Anyway, he seems, from the split-second I saw of him on the endlessly played incident at the Gramm[?]s, a pleasant and gracious fellow, so I am glad the Grammy voters rewarded him, and I'm also glad that he can, if he's so inclined, take comfort in the fact that the shade thrown his way, (see what I did there? I'm cool,) was from the asinus responsible for this sort of "fashion" "design." (You need not avert your eyes from modesty, the nudity is feigned,with bodysuits. On the other hand, if you wish to avert your eyes from the, not sheer, but sheer ugliness, no one would blame you.)
Himself thinks modern art, modern pop music and modern fashion are all part of an elaborate hoax, the emperor having no taste, as it were....
I am becoming less and less inclined to dispute it.

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