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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Love for the Liturgy and Latin and the Lord

I call your attention to a post which talks about the trendy fashionista persona of the average traddie.
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Nah, I'm yanking your (censer?) chain.

The writer says that a certain blogger says, a certain website in Czech says, a certain archbishop says, a certain pope says, that if the "younger generation" is attracted to the Extraordinary Form, it's probably just a "fashion" so "it is a matter that does not need that much attention," we can just wait the kids out with  "patience and kindness" till they kick their "addiction."

You know, to the "fashion."

Okay, a basket full of caveats, because of the second, third- fifth-hand nature of the report, and the fact that translation[s/] are involved, and you know how selective quoting can deceive....

But let's say the word "fashion" was used.


The passion for ephemera that has been the very hallmark of Catholic liturgy in the US for almost my entire life, the crass hawking of the latest, greatest of-the-moment sacchro-sacro-pop "ritual music," the liturgy committees settling on "themes" for Masses, the Rite of MakingItUpAsWeGoAlong at the parish of St Thewaywedoithere -- all that is signs of timelessness?

And singing a Latin chant out of my great-grandfather's Liber Usualis, in the same way as someone I don't know in a country to which I've never been sang it a millennium ago, while a priest celebrates a Mass essentially unchanged for centuries? THAT'S a "fashion"??????????

As my friend Inigo would say,
"I don' thin' that word means what you thin' it means."

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