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Thursday, 19 February 2015

‘Would it make any difference if our Church wasn’t there?’

Bishop Mark O’Toole of Plymouth, England has a pastoral letter out.
He is adamant that we" focus our lives and our efforts on making it clear that It is The Lord who is at the centre of what we are about."
A sobering question to ask ourselves is, “Would it make any difference if our Church wasn’t there?” We need to focus our efforts reaching out to three groups
those who are practising, to help them see the place of evangelisation in their lives, secondly, those who are non-church going Catholics, i.e. those who for whatever reason have given up practising their faith, and, thirdly, those who do not believe and who are un-churched. 

I KNOW the Church makes a difference, but --good question to ask myself for Lent:  Would it make any difference if I weren’t here?

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