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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Popes and Such Bein' Rigid and Inflexible

Ain't that always the way?
So seldom do we get, you know, just a good guy, accepting of all persons, just as they are, none of this our-way-is-better-than-yours, anti-ecumencial stuff
Some men.... act as though God had given us intellects for some purpose other than the pursuit and attainment of truth. This mistaken sort of action leads directly to that absurd proposition: one religion is just as good as another, for there is no distinction here between truth and falsehood. "This attitude....is directed to the destruction of all religions, but particularly the Catholic faith, which cannot be placed on a level with other religions without serious injustice, since it alone is true." ...

How can God, who is truth, approve or tolerate the indifference, neglect, and sloth of those who attach no importance to matters on which our eternal salvation depends; who attach no importance to pursuit and attainment of necessary truths, or to the offering of that proper worship which is owed to God alone?" 
So, who came up with that, Torquemada? the power-hungry, infallibilty-claiming Pius IX? ooh, ooh, I know, the reactionary, woman-hating Cardinal Burke?
(Because who are they to judge?)
Well, no, as a matter of fact....
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