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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Wishy washy? Right...

So much to-do! about the phoenix-like reappearance of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, and evidence of a flip-flop, back-pedaling, back-tracking, what have you on the part of the Holy Father.
Right.... because he's so unsure of what he wants to do, and has so little time to think about it, and is so ignorant, and such a greenhorn on the workings of the Curia, and so lacking in a POV, and so...

I am put in mind of the production that wished to almost but not entirely re-cast; but OH! you can't fire pink contracts without cause! They're iron-clad!
Nor can you humiliate and alienate people you may need again, down the road.

But what you can do, is close the production for two weeks.
Oh, and look! It's a brand new contract! a brand production! (which just happens to look suspiciously like the old production.)

God bless, God speed Abp. Fitzgerald, and now let's go about this (VITAL! absolutely VITAL!!!!!!) task the right way.

Need I add? I am appalled by right-wing nut jobs who don't want "dialogue," which they seem to have mis-defined in their Funk and Wagnells, as a synonym for "compromise" or "capitulation." It's not that they think peace at any cost wrong -- any intelligent person does -- it's that they think peace is utterly worthless, they actually prefer the idea of conflict, they aren't even interested in the possibility of conversion of hearts.
How can you evangelize if you eschew conversation?

God preserve Benedict the Great!

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