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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

And on MY Amazon wish list.....

The first volume of Benedict the Great's collected works was announced as, what else? about Liturgy.
About the orthopraxis of the worship of the Almighty.
About the Source and Summit of our Faith.
About the Means and End of our Christian Lives.
About the hub that any apostolate, any good works, any efforts on behalf of our fellow creatures radiate from and return to.
And now his Homilies, the Liturgical Year "narrated" by him.
When does the English appear? (although I've kind of been making my own, cutting and pasting from VIS, and Zenit, etc.)
Our beloved PapaRatz reminds us that God wills us to sanctify creation by by sanctifying our song of praise to Him as best we can, as we have received it, (to Save the Liturgy, and Save the World?)

Because, um.... IT MATTERS.

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