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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Stepping Stones

Also check out this CD of chant, conducted by Michael Olbash, (he was in the schola of the great Fr Larry Heiman, CPPS, with yours truly.)
A very clever idea, an ORDINARY Mass, in ORDINARY time, see how extraordinarily lovely and simple and perfect and prayerful the chant propers and a chant ordinary can be?

And since CDs make such lovely Christmas presents in an era of exorbitant shipping costs and far-flung families..... who DOESN'T love harp?
I'm just sayin'.
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1 comment:

Dad29 said...

Ahhhh, yes. Fr. Heimann.

He was a board-member-pal of my organ teacher, Sr. Theophane Hytrek, OSF, and we used his "Wedding Song" at our wedding Mass....a ......few (cough)....years ago.

He was also a teacher of my one-time organist/comrade-in-Old-Rite-arms (RIP) Ed, who was a seminarian at Fr H's place.

Good guy!