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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Unburied Treasure

I often suspect when I find something on the interwebs that leaves me all agog, (or all atwitter, depending on what mood altering substances I have ingested that day,) that everyone except I ('except me?' hmmm, perhaps I am midway between goggage and twitterage....) already knows about it.
And this may be the case now, but I was checking into something on Amazon that I was considering reading, (and maybe.... even buying! ooooh!) and glanced as I usually do, at the readers' reviews -- and saw the name Alcuin Reid. And found a link to his other reviews on Amazon.... so, we have what amounts to a nice little series of articles by one of the great liturgical minds of our time, free for the reading.
Thanks, Amazon!
I wonder if there are other persons similarly eminent in their fields who contribute such reviews.
(I am reminded of having played a role where my character's mother derides her as someone who speaks "lousy French and reads book reviews like [sic] they was [sic] books." Well, if that's the sort of person I am... tant pis.)

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