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Monday, 9 February 2009

The World, the Church, and "Larger" Families

As a member of such a family, I heard all this growing up, (although a reporter in a respectable paper would not have been so ugly and biased -- smaller families are "more precious"? really?) and of course articles about this interest me.

But what really is flooring me, absolutely flooring me is the utter lack of irony with which our do-whatever-you-want culture, although they have the innate sense of decency to have been shocked enough by the crazed "Mother of Six [who] Gives Birth to Octuplets" to question the morality of the situation, it's all on a basis questioning how she can afford it (would it have been okay if she were super wealthy?,) or how she'll manage child-care, (would it have been okay if she were part of a free-love common law polygamist group?,) or what are the results to the babies' long-term health, (had we discovered away to bring large groups of multiple birth babies to full term would that have made it better?), or how many is "too" many, (if there weren't already six at home would that have satisfied people?)

No one seems to get that a deal was made with the devil, by denigrating the natural family unit, (by declaring it on an even plain with any other living or relationship or sexual arrangement,) and by putting the stamp of societal approval on the reproductive technologies employed -- to divorce procreation from the marital act.
No one seems to get that this situation which the World is clucking its tongues over sanctimoniously is the natural end of the path we've been following, and about which the World cooed its approval.
All the little evils the World celebrates blend together into this fine kettle of fish that has the arbiters of the World's thoughts and mores and trends wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth.
The World has only itself to blame.
The World told this woman that children were a purchasable commodity, and a permanently committed to each other mother and father of a family were suprefluous, and that no one should tell a woman what she could or could not do with her body...

The World got it wrong.

Only the Church got it right.

Poor Cassandra.... I mean, Paul VI.

Small correction -- I was not part of a "larger family," on closer reading I see that we are a "mega-family."

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