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Friday, 15 January 2010

Marie Antoinette of Palm Beach

In the Palm Beach Post of Jan 10, a socialite, (name deleted to protect the obtuse,) was quoted as saying, wisely and thoughtfully, that there was no reason to be abashed at rich people partying at festive charity events while children were starving in Europ.... oops, wait, I was channeling my Grandma.

Miss Socialite von Partygoer referred, rather, to the suffering in Haiti, "Should we fell bad to be at Tiffany [sic] for a party? No. If we weren't rich we couldn't help... [we'll] all go home and write a check."

But then Miss Socialite von Partygoer is quoted as going on to say, rather unfortunately, "Besides, Haitians are great survivors. These wood houses they live in, they can rebuild them in five minutes."

The people have no South Beach Diet approved food, Your Majesty!
Let them eat Lean Cuisine...

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