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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Speed Dating Jesus

An old post from a blog unfamiliar to me, (came across it searching for I-Remember-Not-What on the timesuck that is Google...) that prescribes for a fault of far too many liturgies at which I have found myself -- WHAT IS YOUR HURRY, FATHER??!?#??&!?
Have we as Catholic’s gotten caught up in the speed-reading, speed-dating, speed-(fill in the blank) of life? Most Catholics don’t go do mass on a daily basis, so the one mass we attend on Sunday should in fact, be the highlight of our weekly spiritual journey with Christ.
The Mass should be the one time and place where we give our body, mind and soul to our Lord…leaving the Blackberry’s, to-do list, and worries of our life at the door. Ironically I recently heard a priest give a homily on this very subject. It was very good…he pointed out that we are always on the clock, we are always speeding in our cars from one place to another and missing out on some of the most important things in life…good conversation, good food prepared with care, and good relaxing prayer.
The irony being, this same priest is so incredibly caught up about starting the liturgy exactly on time and always badgering the music ministers, readers, lectures about keeping up the “pace” of the mass.
The Slow Mass movement?
Yeah, I could get behind that...

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