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Monday, 13 April 2015

"Hate Speech"

I'm curious, at what point does criticism cross the line into hate speech?

Does it have more to do with whose ox is being gored than with the words supposedly doing the goring?

I'm not seeing the "attacks, threat[s], or insults" that the petition says qualifies as "hate speech," (though they might be there, I certainly haven't heard or read every word that the teacher in question has written or pronounced - just haven't seen them in any of the "evidence.")

Perhaps the time has come to replace the bromide of "hate the sin but love the sinner," with the profession that Catholicism, (which actually calls us to articles of faith which we believe are the will of God, not just nice feelings,) hates the heresy without hating the heretic?

Update: Apparently, my guess that the ownership of said ox might be parmount was correct. "Nightmare dumpster human," for instance, is, I guess you'd say, "love speech."

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