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Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Those Interwebs are good for expanding ones vocabulary.
Thanks to the Catholic Herald, I have now looked into the meaning of "luvvie," and it seems about right.

A piece by Madeleine Teahan, (I adore British names, don't you? even real ones sound as as if they could be Dickensian, or Byatt-esque,) explores why celebrity actors are all on board with everyone going Young Werther, or Lupe Velez:
the luvvie attraction to assisted suicide goes much deeper than a mere yearning for control. Explaining his support for the practice, [someone of whom I'm afraid I have never heard] said: “The issue is not really of death but of how you live out that last chapter, those last sentences.” Luvvies, you see, regard death as the final scene in their personal drama, and that is why they take their departure extremely seriously.

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