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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Congratulations to the Diocese of Fajardo-Humacao
I don't know much about Puerto Rico.
I wonder if the ceremonies around the creation of this this new diocese in US territory, a commonwealth; and the ordination of her bishop will make it to EWTN?
It seems a good sing for the Church that a new diocese is needed.

The Holy Father ... erected the new diocese of Fajardo-Humacao (area 574, population 293,000, Catholics 97,869, priests 22) Puerto Rico, with territory taken from the archdiocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico and from the diocese of Caguas, making it a suffragan of the metropolitan church of San Juan de Puerto Rico. He appointed Fr. Eusebio Ramos Morales of the clergy of Caguas, pastor of the parish of "Santisimo Redentor" at Fajardo as first bishop of the new diocese. The bishop-elect was born in Maunabo, Puerto Rico in 1952 and ordained a priest in 1983.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Puerto Rico. Talk of creating the new diocese has been in the air for over 15 years. What surprised most of us was the fact that cities that were thought to become part of the new diocese didn't make it. There was also the problem of what city to make the see/title, so the decided in favor of double name, quite odd to say the least, if you take into account the history of the Catholic Church in the island.

I was happy to see that the Pope named a native puerto rican as bishop. The last appointment of a bishop (for Ponce) didn't go to someone from the island. Even the archbishop of san juan spent most of his life in the united states.

I hope that the ceremonies are not shown on tv... bishops in Puerto Rico (at least from my experience) are not very good in keeping liturgical laws. They do things that make ceremonies look more like shows.

Scelata said...

Thanks for stopping by, Anonymous.
Would you like to elaborate on some of the liturgical problems you see in Puerto Rico?
You say you are from there, do you live there now?

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Anonymous said...

I moved out a couple of years ago. Some of the abuses... for example the choir would sing the Gloria, or Sanctus or any other part, but not using the complete approved liturgical text.

Priests that change the language of the liturgy. Mass that looks more like a carnival than a celebration of the Eucharist. The main problem is that none of the current bishops is knowledgeable on liturgy.

One of the problems is that the bishops hesitate to send priests to get advanced degrees in Rome, and some onyl a few are really prepared in any of the church's disciplines.

Before I became more traditional I used to serve mass and the priest used to ask me (many times) to give the "homily".

Priests that would use one prayer for the presentation of both bread and wine.

I guess, these problems are familiar to people from the continental US.

If any more come to mind i'll post more.