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Monday, 31 March 2008

Doing what it is we do

Some keen observations from Sir Monocle about the job of the choirmaster.
Wsidom and insight gained at the funeral parlor ;o)

A mentor, " enjoys the organ playing, [but] mentioned that she’s been avoiding choral directing for a while now. ... to simply avoid “managing all those personalities”.
Such a comment would resonate with any choirmaster. After all, the job isn’t only about making music. It’s also about building a program, keeping it relevant, fun, and educational amidst common frustrations such as a chorister who comes in late, bemoans all the problems of his day, spills his coffee and then can’t find his music. Yes it is a social outlet, but keeping the group mindful that they are first and foremost members of a choir whose work it is to praise God and inspire a congregation is also part of the job...
There is that part of me that likes to work in isolation. It is perhaps that same part of me that romanticizes monastic life. At the same time, I also find joy in creating something of value with real people. They’re not perfect, but neither am I.
My Franciscan guru, Fr. Kieran, often says “God draws straight with crooked lines”. There are times, I’m sure glad He does.


Sir Monocle said...

Hey thanks !! Now, if those guys over at Allen and Rodgers were to develop some electronic alternative to the choir... I think we might have something.

Lyn F. said...

To be honest ... knowing that, by nature, I am an introvert who shies away from people, I was very hesitant to take the organist/choirmaster position I now have. I knew I could play the organ, and would have been happy doing only that, but it was the managing of people that I was not sure I could do. The responsibility of building up a program that had been decimated under a previous regime would also fall on my shoulders as well. Very scary!

But after 4 months on the job, I am realising that somehow, despite my strong desire to be alone and to work alone, I am managing, and TPTB are very happy with my work. My 5 month probationary period ends next month, and I have reason to believe I will be asked to continue on the job.

It's a good feeling, indeed.