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Monday, 13 October 2008

All churched out...

From Friday night to Sunday evening -- 7th or 8th week of novena (the people at the other parish where I was helping out weren't sure, they'd lost count,) meeting of parish "movers and shakers" to prepare to combat ignorance regarding a (RARE,) capital campaign, funeral, rehearsal with wedding soloist, wedding (I didn't hear much of her pre-service solos, and she was plenty loud, and mic'd to boot... need I say more? wedding decorum is just the bellwether of general Church decorum,) rehearsal with Sunday cantor who missed regular rehearsal, anticipated Mass, Sunday morning Masses, (all of which ran longer than usual because of special presentation,) choir rehearsal, quick wedding planning meeting, sub for close of Forty Hours at parish that forgot to tell their regular (p/t) organist in time to arrange his schedule, prepare and lead prayer for prayer group -- gee, I don't know, why DIDN'T I make it to the social justice presentation?

(I can't remember when I received, am I surprised?)

I understand that our pastor of his own free will accepted pastorship of these other parishes, and our guys are understandably stretched to the breaking point, so everything may take care of itself, but shouldn't the bishop get on the stick?
Does anyone let him know that they not only needed outside help for sacramental, prebyterial ministry, but can't really handle all the other lay stuff on their own?

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