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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Sacramentary Repair...

My taping job passed muster...
Since I was ordering some library tape for organ and choir books, I asked Fr. if he was in need of something similar, save shipping costs, you know?
And our pastoral assistant chimed in with how embarrassing the appearance of the Sacramentary is, especially when we have presbyteral visitors, but with the impending approval of the translation, they were loathe to buy a new one.
So I looked in the sacristy, and, well, yeah... it was just this side of disgraceful. You know, when something I use everyday, something expensive, has visible wear or damage, I fix it before it gets, you know... worse. So I offered to repair it.
The color of the book is somewhere in-between two different shades of the strongest tape I could buy, so I was afraid someone would be annoyed at the obviousness of the fix, so I did some reinforcing where it wasn't yet needed for symmetry's sake.
And the gilt I started to add was a bit too bright, almost garish in comparison to the rest of the trim, so I was pretty abstemious with that.
I'm not sure why I was anxious about it. I was, after all, doing someone a favor.... but micro-managers bring that out in people.
(It's a little bit the way I feel about every tempo I choose now.
I actually received an email one Monday, not from Fr, commending me on the tempi of three songs/hymns, but averring that one song was too brisk... gee, I'll take care of that right away, make a note in the accompaniment book that when X is in the nave, all songs are to be played as fast as humanly, or scelatally, possible, except ASH GROVE.)
As it turns out, the ribbon markers are almost worse than the spine, held together with duct tape and staples, I kid you not, so I'll do a little research and figure out how best to fix that.
And this has nothing to do with anything, but I am now enamoured of the world of library supplies, and am thinking I'll give everyone I know hinge tape for Christmas.
I mean, it's GREAT stuff, and who DOESN'T need some, and how few of us even know of its existence?
And corners, and wings, shouldn't everyone have a pack of those to take care of important, beloved books?
I sure think so...

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