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Friday, 3 October 2008


Our diocesan newspaper runs a syndicated column by a priest, Fr RR.
This week's column informs us, "Indeed, you can do anything, if you do it honestly.
That's an interesting moral principle You can do anything if you don't have lie about it.
There are exceptions to this, of course, if people have hardened their spirit or are otherwise so morally insensitive that they are not ashamed to openly admit of even flaunt duplicity. But the principle is sufficient as a moral guide for basically anyone walking in grace. Simply put, you can do anything as long as you can be honest about it."
It is moral guidance such as this for which the expression "Whatthehell?," was invented.
If not something stronger.
It essentially offers us the opinion of the mob as a suitable moral arbiter of our lives.

Yes, he offers that little caveat about possible exceptions, but implies that they are rare.... either that, or he believes virtually no one "walks in grace" --- for today how many of those admired, feted, richly rewarded, and emulated by society, those who represent the aspirations of the majority or our fellows would feel little if any need to hide betrayal of a spouse of whom one has tired, fornication, social recreational drug use (as long as the venue was posh enough,) abortion, cruelty to ones competitors ...

I'd like to think this priest is not that dim -- is it possible he is cloistered?

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