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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Are TPTB at GIA really that ill-informed?

The fourth Sunday of Lent [is called] “Laetare Sunday” because, before the reforms of Vatican II, the introit (entrance chant) for the Fourth Sunday began, “Laetare Jerusalem, et conventium facite omnes quis diligitis eam” just as “Gaudete Jerusalem,” the entrance chant for Advent began the same way: “Rejoice, Jerusalem.”

Oh, really?
How does the Introit of that Sunday begin now, that is, since the reforms of Vatican II?
Oh, you say you didn't know that Introits still exist?


Aristotle A. Esguerra said...

I find this richly ironic since they carry the Solesmes books for the Ordinary Form Mass. I could link them, but it's more fun if you search for them on their site.

(I'd purchase them from CanticaNova myself, since they provide a booklet of English translations of the Latin instructions found in the Graduale Romanum and Graduale Simplex.)

Scelata said...

I will buy from GIA when I must, (and they really are delightful people, excellent service, very helpful and kind,) but I too prefer to give CanticaNova business.

But this reminded me of Chironomo's recent admonition to remember that many people or not of ill-will, just uninformed.

It almost seems to me that anyone that ignorant exhibits ill-will by setting himself up as some sort of authority.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)