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Monday, 23 March 2009

Source and Summit; and Don't "Nice" People Share?

Two only peripherally related subjects, joined in my mind by the fact that the blogger, in each instance, was quoting another priestly blogger.

Hat tip to Damian Thompson, who quotes the newly rosily vested Father Fr Tim Finigan, unfairly maligned recently by a journalist member of the the Could-Not-This-Ointment-Have-Been-Sold-And-the-Money-Given-to-the-Poor party, (founded by whom, I can't quite recall....?
Last week we had a Family Fast Day for Cor Unum which raised nearly £700. We raise money for the Manna Centre for the homeless, for small development projects in the Third World, for the Demelza Hospice for children, for Aid to the Church in Need, for Mission projects and for the local centre for the unemployed.

None of these things; support for the family, or charity to the poor, would happen were it not for the heart of the parish which is the altar and the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. By contributing to the beauty of our worship, your readers have also contributed to the many other good works undertaken at Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen.

The other is Fr Longenecker quoting Blackfen's (isn't that a great place name?) Fr Ray Blake as he quotes our beloved Holy Father on the false charity of refusing to evangelize, neglecting to promote the One True Faith, declining to actually believe that what one professes is, finally and simply, THE Truth:
Someone may object: “Why not leave them in peace? They have their truth, and we have ours. Let us all try to live in peace, leaving everyone as they are, so they can best be themselves.” But if we are convinced and have come to experience that without Christ life lacks something, that something real – indeed, the most real thing of all – is missing, we must also be convinced that we do no injustice to anyone if we present Christ to them and thus grant them the opportunity of finding their truest and most authentic selves, the joy of finding life. Indeed, we must do this. It is our duty to offer everyone this possibility of attaining eternal life.

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