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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chickens coming home to....

Well, let's be honest.
Not "roost."
Chickens coming home to ______________ all over you.
(Fill in your favorite euphemism or obscenity or alternative scientific term for "defecate.")

Keith Pavlischek at First Things informs that a leading "moderate" evangelical Christian ethicist and purported pro-life proponent has noticed, after supporting the man for election to the presidency, that Barack Obama turns out to be .... not exactly Pro-life.
(File under "Gambling at Rick's? I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked!")

The ethicist's reaction seems to be essentially, oops! my bad....

A line from Pavlischek, the ethicist was "convinced that Obama would be pro-life in the same way that the pop star Rhianna is convinced that her boyfriend Chris Brown will not beat her the next time they get into an argument."

Face it, those of us who are "anti-abortion" advocates who held our noses and voted for Obama for other reasons in the belief or hope that he wouldn't turn out to be quite as gung-ho, (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more....,) on abortion as he had hiterto demonstrated himself to be --- you been had, you been hosed.

And while I'm at it -- anyone who claims to be personally opposed, but supports abortion rights only, or at least primarily because she says she thinks "criminalizing desperate women" is the wrong way to go about ending the scourge of abortion;

but supports public funding for abortion, requiring health care professionals to violate their consciences and faciliate or perform abortions, governmental propaganda encouraging abortion; and opposes parental notification, or governmental regulation of abortion mills?

She's a liar.

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